Learn How to Improve Energy Savings with the Efficiency of a Tiny Home

If you are thinking about making some major changes in your lifestyle and your personal finances, you may want to look at one of the latest trends in housing. Since the lifestyle you choose can make a big difference in your expenses, you may want to consider a modular tiny home as your next investment.

Here are 3 great energy saving benefits of owning a modular tiny home:

Save Big on Your Home’s Energy Bills

Today, buying a tiny home is often directly related to saving money on your energy bills. Since a huge home takes a lot more energy to run the HVAC, the savings alone from a tiny home can help you save big on your monthly expenses. Also, depending on where you build your tiny home, you may be able to live off of solar energy instead of the traditional energy that comes from the city’s resources. The prices of energy is constantly rising, all over the world. It is not uncommon for family members and businesses to look for the best energy solutions that they can find to reduce their utility bills. Fortunately, with modular tiny homes, you can benefit greatly from high efficiency Daikin mini-splits and the homes high insulation rating.  These tiny home models come equipped with tank-less & instant water heaters, designed to save space so they can fit well in such compact houses. Manufactures will also offer homeowners longer warranties.

  • A modular house will not wear out like traditional homes
  • Cool in the summer & Cozy in the winter – their insulation makes for perfect climate control!
  • They surpass mobile and manufactured homes on every level (including price)
  • Homes can be customized to fit your personal lifestyle
  • You can choose from the Modular home floor-plans and style
  • These tiny homes are considered to be real assets since they are built to the housing code
  • Constructed to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour
  • Loans and Insurance are both available for Modular Tiny home – seekers

Turn Key Tiny Houses to Fit Your Personal living Style

Because a change in style means a change of space, every inch in these homes count! Be strategic when planning out your use of space for maximum comfort.

With all of the benefits listed, one that most people look for is the energy savings.  They are an excellent option for those who believe in green building initiatives. With green initiatives in the plan, the energy consumption is controlled strategically by using an energy design that achieves certain goals and objectives. For instance, you can construct a tiny home that meets specific requirements that have been set by the latest Energy Efficiency Standards for Lighting, Appliances, and Equipment used in the home.

energy savings using modular tiny home

Major Cost Savings in Buying a Tiny Home

Of course, just like any other housing and property purchase, the cost of a tiny home can vary greatly from one to another.

However, the amount that you pay is often sharply different from buying the traditional homes. It can save you as much as $150,000 dollars and more in buying your next home. If you look online for the price ranges, you will find Modular Tiny Homes starting at around $50,000 – $80,000. These prices often fall much lower compared to RV’s and Mobile Homes.

Whatever the amount, its a drastic shift from the price of a traditional home in any city within the U.S.

Once your tiny home has been constructed, you determine how much energy that you want to consume! For instance, if you buy the traditional new home, you are usually looking at a home that uses, on the average, about 45 light bulbs annually (i.e translates into 12,773 of kWh annually) in total for running the entire home. Light bulbs, extra bathrooms, sinks, and space that needs heat all contribute to extra $$ wasted.

For instance, for the average tiny home, you can expect to use about 15 LED light bulbs (i.e. translates to about 914 kWH annually). This is a major difference in energy savings for you when you build your new tiny home.

At the end of the day, we say, “Own It!”

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