Project Description

Project Details

  • November 24th, 2017
  • Clark County Washington
  • Model C
  • 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom
  • 400ft² – 10′ x 40′
  • Guest House
  • Upgrade(s)
    • Ship-lap Interior
    • Stainless Steel Appliances
    • Stain on the 1×6 tongue & groove pine
    • Undermount Sink
    • Custom Trim

How does a young couple get prepared for housing after they get married?  For this couple, her parents had the property and the space to place a unit.  Both had steady jobs, and savings in the bank.  The fiance had a home already but was rented out to other folks for a profit – don’t want to disturb the golden goose.  The bride’s parents had an existing mortgage on the property.  Adding additional debt by co-signing wasn’t an attractive move.  So a tiny home only made sense all the way around.

A Model C 10’x40′ tiny home was selected as their solution.  While the smaller size offered many of the features only smaller, the added space allowed this couple extra room to grow into and in the meantime, space for dinner company!  Moving this home to a small piece of property is a real strategy option for them.  Having a move in ready home knocks off one of the inherent challenges with buying a raw piece of land.  Our homes when placed on real property can be used in conventional financing.  This was a real solution for them!