Project Description

Project Details

  • November 15th, 2019
  • Multnomah County Washington
  • Model C
  • 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom
  • 400ft² – 10′ x 40′
  • Investment Property
  • Upgrade(s)
    • Board & Batt Siding
    • Stainless Steel Appliances
    • Dual lofts
    • Additional Exterior Door

Working from home isn’t necessarily all it’s crack up to be – even when you’re a YouTube creator. With a toddler roaming the house and an affinity for video editing, this client approached us with a desire to add a studio in their backyard in Portland Oregon.

Starting with our ever popular Model C, the bedroom was modified to allow for auxiliary access via a second man-door, as well as the ability to lock the door dividing the bedroom from the rest of the home. This meant that during the day, he could use the space as an office while still offering the rest of the unit as a short-term rental / Airbnb – a lucrative source of additional income, especially since it’s located near a major metropolitan area.

As with the majority of our homes, the process was quick and efficient, from filing for permits to delivering the home onto its foundation.