Project Description

Project Details

  • November 14th, 2017
  • Multnomah County Oregon
  • Model B
  • 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom
  • 300ft² – 10′ x 30′
  • Short-Term Rental / AirBnb
  • Upgrade(s)
    • Custom trim
    • Stainless-Steel Appliances
    • Pine walls
    • Dual lofts
    • Patio / deck

“My husband stayed here earlier in the year when taking care of a family emergency and he had such a great experience that he wanted to bring me back so we chose to take our vacation this year in Portland and even arranged it around the availability for the Tiny House! It was everything he said it was!” – Stephanie in Portland, OR

As the Portland area began to experience huge growth in population, a local resident decided to take advantage of strong demand for affording lodging and pursued adding an accessory dwelling unit to their property. After months of attempting to research the permitting, building and utility requirements to construct the ADU, they connected with Wolf Industries and opted for a turn-key prefab tiny home.

Keeping in-line with their ‘footprint’ constraints, as dictated by Multnomah counties accessory dwelling unit regulations, a 400 square foot Model C was selected for use as a short-term investment rental home. Since its grand opening the rental has been featured in numerous publications including the People of Portland podcast and Tiny House Podcast, with its rental listings still a perfect 5-star rating as of this writing.