A Historical Building Gets New Life with The Reflector

Designed to Impress – Constructed to Last. Quality Matters.

Big Efficiency, Little Pricetag – Real Tiny Home Living.

Done Right The First Time

We Don’t Believe In Shortcuts

Here is where our expertise shines through. Our mission is to create solid quality hand-in-hand with aesthetic appeal and long lasting results. We start with experience in home building and value in being able to come up with a living experience that gives satisfaction in all aspects.

After nearly a decade of residential and commercial construction services, we know that your brand is your word; and shortcuts won’t work when it comes to making a house a home. Our community or yours, the quality of our small houses is unsurpassed.

Passionate About Our Customers

If you – the customer – loves what we create then our mission is accomplished. We depend on you to tell others so it has to be worth talking about. Having lived in a tiny home it is clear that the small details make a big difference. You don’t want to bump your head on a low shower or have to run to the laundromat. Pride in our work has put us far ahead of the competition when it comes to tiny homes.

How We’re Changing Things

Check out our video below – or read full article at Koin.com

Commercial Services

General Contractors Make it Easy

We have been in this business for six years and know the end result of any project must be equal to the business needs and expectations of the customer.

There are many projects that have unusual aspects or needs and that’s okay because we are inspired by being able to create something that works. Let us frame a retail space, business office or build a shop to give more room for your tools and equipment. Take us to task with new construction or a business remodel.

If you need a new concrete floor before beginning a tenant improvement project, there’s something to consider. How will you know you’re going to get it done on time for a reasonable price? Here is where we can make the whole project worthwhile. We work from the ground up.

  • We do flooring of all kinds, frame the walls, piping, HVAC, windows and roofing, with commercial construction services for everything between.
  • Expertise with codes allows us to work closely with inspectors and architects to get the project done efficiently and effectively.
  • Unmatched professionalism means your project is important to you – and we take that seriously.

Park benches, shelters and bathroom facilities are part of the range of projects we have experience with.

Industrial Construction

Expectations Are Our Priority.

Where you need quality workmanship, we excel. Industrial projects are great places to come together with the experience we have and the goals you provide. There are many places that can show you the beautifully crafted Projects we have completed but yours is the only one that makes the difference. Your expectations are our priority. There are industrial buildings and pump houses along with the remodels and maintenance projects we have experience in.

Standing Out Among Industrial Construction Contractors

We start from scratch excavating the ground and forming the foundation. There are many materials to use to construct the main structure whether it is concrete, brick, block, wood frame and steel studs.

Take your project to our estimator and project managers to evaluate the best pricing for the most inexpensive project or expect more and get something that really stands out. We build all new structures or remodel the building you have. We can add offices to a shop or extend a shop you currently use. What you need is what we take to task.

  • commercial shop and office space

    NW Tree Specialists

    A new administrative office and commercial shop helped NW Tree Specialists continue growing. Portfolio
  • project the reflector thumb

    The Reflector

    A historical building became modern office space for Battle Ground newspaper The Reflector. Portfolio

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