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Accessory dwelling unit installation
  • Beautiful prefab tiny homes and ADUs ranging from 300ft2 to 615ft2.
  • Solid wood homes built to the same standards as traditional houses.
  • Permitting, construction, delivery & set up; no third-parties needed.
  • Save money, bring family on to a shared property or add income.
  • Perfect for first time home buyers or parents experiencing hardship.
  • Fast, simple and smooth installation – we’ve done hundreds!
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A Single Solution for Many Problems

With the deterioration of the housing market in the United States, people are avoiding over-sized, luxurious homes and instead are opting for “less is more” with tiny homes.

So many have thrived living in them, and they can be incredibly beautiful and space-saving. Many small prefab home models include all the comforts of a large home but on a smaller scale – including a large discount in ownership.

As these micro-dwellings continue to be adopted, they continue to be re-purposed.

Investment, AirBnB or Rental Property

Prefab housing and accessory dwelling units are also an excellent source of residual income. By purchasing a modular home, you can easily maximize your existing property investment and provide a rental property for someone who doesn’t require much space but needs a simple, effective, and less expensive place to call their own.

Tiny homes offer all the space that a person or a couple would need, and they could pay less in rent than many larger, older homes.

With additional energy savings, a smaller footprint and a lower cost of ownership, it’s easy to see how using a tiny house as an Airbnb or traditional rental can become a profitable investment rental.

Guest Home / Accessory Dwelling Unit

A guest home is a wonderful idea for those who love to have family and/or friends over for a leisurely weekend.

Many people just don’t have the extra room, so a guest house for your family could be a great use for a modular tiny home. With that, many families have elderly parents that need help and most folks shudder at putting them in a nursing home.

In hardship cases, Elderly parents need their privacy too, and a tiny house can provide them the living space they need along with all the amenities that can help them feel more independent. With options such as an included range, many small homes are also permitted as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

First-Time Homebuyers

A new home is typically one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Often times, the first consideration made is location.

Do you want to live in the city, with local landmarks such as parks and shopping centers within walking distance? Do you prefer to own a significant piece of property, with the acreage of your land far superseding the the square footage of your home?

Many people may prefer to reduce mortgage costs by purchasing a larger lot of land in a rural area and using a tiny home as a short-term solution, opting to spend their savings to build a home on their property at a later date.

At that point, the tiny home can be relocated, resold, or even converted to a rental for additional income.

Backyard Cottages

Many people supplement their existing home with a tiny home for business or recreational use. Being that it’s small, you don’t need to place it on a large piece of expensive land.

As you could place it just about anywhere you want, small spaces of land will do; ranging from your very own backyard to a vacation property in another state.

Sometimes its hard to work at home with the family around. Many times there are too many distractions, and a tiny home can provide the quiet and private office space that you would require.

Proudly Serving the Western United States

Producing nearly a home per week means the ability to meet customer needs both big and small. Here are just a handful of the cities we’ve helped below, from permitting to set up and delivery.

  • Oregon
  • California
    • Sonoma
  • Idaho
    • Boise
  • Utah
    • Panguitch

Each city is different and has it’s own rules and regulations when it comes to tiny homes and accessory dwelling units, so we’ve done our best to provide any information possible to make your search for answers easier.