60 minutes | Free

Initial Meeting

This is where we sit down and talk about the specifics of your site and our process. Based on the information we glean from your proposed site, such as setbacks, zoning, lot coverage details, environmental constraints and any other concerns, we’re able to select a plan that meets your needs. We then take that plan and discuss any modifications or specific options you’d like to make your house a home, producing a timeline from start to finish. Take your proposal and get back to us; no pressure.

designing a tiny home
Permitting a tiny house in Washington
2 – 8 Weeks | $4500 Deposit


The permitting portion is taken care of entirely by Wolf.  This phase consists of putting together your file, drawing the erosion control plan, site plan, and storm water conveyance plan.  These documents are then assembled into a permit packet to be submitted to the jurisdiction, adjusting and resubmitting as needed. Our guarantee is that if a permit isn’t possible – we’ll refund you the difference.

4 – 5 Weeks | 25% Down Payment

Start Construction

Construction and legal inspection occurs entirely at our facilities, with 4 stages of construction / inspection occurring over a 4 – 5 week period.

  • Framing and all rough in of mechanical, electrical and plumbing.
  • Siding, roofing, sheet-rock taping and ceiling trim.
  • Final coat of sheet-rock mud, interior mill-work and painting.
  • Cabinet and counter-top installation, finish trim and touch-up.
rough in tiny house construction
twilight tiny home
2 – 5 Weeks | 75% Final Payment

Completion / Hand-Off

Upon completion the house is now ready for a walk-through.  The remaining 75% is due and the house is yours while insured by us.

  • Our on-site crew is dispatched to level and install the foundation.
  • The house is delivered to the foundation and utilities connected.
  • A final cleaning occurs and a hand off meeting is scheduled.
  • All documentation is left with the home and your warranty begins.