Making the Most of Your Property

A tiny home by Wolf Industries is excellent for use as a rental or investment property. The simplicity of adding a tiny house to a piece of property not only adds value but is a smart decision in the era of AirBnb.

When paired with their existing property, customers that have chosen to invest in an accessory dwelling unit or backyard cottage have seen an incredible return.

  • Pay off your mortgage faster with an accessory dwelling unit on your unused space.
  • Add additional homes to your existing investment properties and increase your income.
  • Generate residual income with a short-term rental or AirBnb.

We Take Care of the Hard Stuff

Your investment will bring more return per square foot than anything else on the market. Couple that with the little to no involvement required on your end and it’s hard to find a more sensible choice – we handle it all, from permitting to the actual set up and delivery.

Ready to learn more? Check out the case studies below or get in touch to schedule a tour or phone consultation!